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Welcome to Podcast University


We teach busy moms how to start, grow, and monetize impactful podcasts.


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Do you feel like you have an important message to share through podcasting, but you’re just not sure how to get it out there?

Maybe you’ve already started a show, but you’re disappointed that more people aren’t listening.

And do you even have time to do any of this with your busy life as a mom??

Yes, you can do this. And we can help.

Hi! We are Monica and Rachel, hosts of the podcasts About Progress and 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms.
Before we launched our shows, neither of us had any business experience or big social media following—and yet, in just a few short years, our podcasts have had almost 6 million downloads between us, reaching hundreds of thousands of people around the world.
If two everyday moms like us can do this, you can too. We'd love to teach you how!

In each of our courses, you will get...

1. Expertise

Step-by-step lessons created by *two* successful podcasters who've spent thousands of dollars & hours to learn podcast strategy

2. Shortcuts

Templates that we have developed to simplify our podcast processes and make them more effective

3. Community

Access to a private community of fellow podcasters, so you can ask questions and seek support

With these three essential supports in place, you will be able to build an impactful podcast that makes a difference – without overwhelm, stress, and wasted time.

This is our FINAL SALE!!!

At the end of September, Podcast U is forever closing enrollment. Get your courses now while you can, so we can support you as you learn to podcast with confidence!









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Meet Monica & Rachel!


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No more procrastinating!

You can think about your podcast for a few more months (or years!), or you can allow two experienced mentors to lead you through the process. Go from feeling overwhelmed to being a confident podcaster.

"I'd wanted to start podcast for over a year, but the entire process intimidated me. I didn't know where to begin or where to do once I did find a place to start. And then I found Podcast U. Monica and Rachel created a clear, one-step-at-a-time path for me to get from where I was (full of ideas and passion with no plan) to where I wanted to be (my podcast set up and launched) within just a couple of months! Plus, they offered both logistical and emotional support throughout the process. Podcast U is the reason I was able to launch as quickly and easily as I did. I'm so grateful! "

Rachel Bailey
host of Your Long Parenting Game

"It's obvious that Rachel & Monica have designed everything in these courses with intention. I love that the lessons are easy to watch on my own schedule, and then if I had any further questions I had the Facebook group to get the answers I needed. Because of Rachel and Monica's support, I am able to get my message out to baby-loss moms who need what I have to share. I can't recommend Podcast U enough. You will not regret this experience. It's totally worth it. "

Amy Watson
host of Smooth Stones Podcast

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