So, you want to learn about podcasting but aren't ready for an intensive course?

You're in luck.  We have TWO free e-courses for you to choose from, both covering the basic fundamentals you need to know behind podcasting.

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I want to learn how to START my podcast I want to learn how to GROW my podcast

"How to START your podcast"

This free e-course will teach you the basic steps to take to starting your own show, from conceptualization to tips to getting it actually on the air.  

"How to GROW your podcast"

This free e-course will guide you through the biggest fundamentals to growing the podcast you already have, from knowing your WHY to marketing tips and tricks.  

What do these e-courses entail?

For 6 weeks, Monica and Rachel combine forces to send you twice-weekly targeted tips on some fundamental things you need to know as you start and grow your podcast. Select which course fits you best, sign up with your email, and the e-course will automatically come to your inbox, twice a week for 6 weeks. Questions? Just reply to the emails.

Stop procrastinating your potential!

Regardless where you are in the podcasting process, we know how it feels: terrifying. You don't need to do this alone. Let us save you from the MANY mistakes we've made over our years of podcasting. And remember, it's totally free.


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