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Podcasting 201

Your immersive guide to growing the podcast you already have and love

I want in!

Feeling frustrated?

That's actually a good sign. It means you care; and THAT level of devotion is required to take your podcast to the next level.  To podcast is to learn more skills than you ever thought necessary: marketing, sales, social media, production, and more.

If you're frustrated with your show's progress, this course will guide you through the MOST important ways you can expand your reach, including within those skills you currently feel stuck.

Let's fuel that frustration into productive ways you can better serve--and grow--your audience!

You don't have to do this alone!

This is not just an abstract course.  It's filled with doable ways for you to ACT and follow through so you can not just learn how to grow your podcast, but actually do it--support, included.

I will take you step by step through growing your podcast + you get forever-access to a private FB group of fellow podcasters where you can seek help and collaborate.  AND for three months, you can personally coached by Rachel and Monica via our twice-monthly "office hours." That's a $450 value INCLUDED with this course! 

Why I am qualified:

First, I am a professionally trained educator (I taught hight school English). I know what good teaching looks like and how to distill BIG ideas into actionable lessons.

Additionally, not only do I have years of podcasting experience behind me (including some major mistakes I can help you avoid), but I have paid thousands of dollars investing in business and marketing coaching so YOU don't have to:) 

I grew my podcast from the grassroots to surpassing 1 million downloads. I KNOW what you need to do to get expand your show's reach and I will deliver.

What this course includes:

* Invaluable time SAVED, know-how delivered, and a solid foundation to better serve your audience and grow your show

* 8 in-depth lessons that take you step-by-step to growing your podcast + bonus module introducing you to monetization

* Each module has three actionable takeaways you can start using to grow your podcast that very week--if you love my show's format, then you'll love this course!

* Options to watch, listen, or read the lessons (we diversify to match your learning style!)

* Homework: handouts, checklists, worksheets for every single lesson that makes these concepts come to life

* Lifetime access to the private Podcast U. Facebook group, where you can ask questions, network, and collaborate with fellow podcasters

* 3 months of twice-monthly "Office Hours." These are coaching calls where you can ask allllll your questions and be heard, get help, and learn from fellow beginning podcasters. Rachel and Monica will trade off leading them. Office Hours are valued at $450, but they're included for free as part of your course

* TWO talented, successful podcasters for the price of one. While Rachel is the primary instructor for this course, Monica heavily reviewed it all and added invaluable insight and direction. She also trades off in leading the office hours

It's OK to feel deflated!

But, let's get you away from being defeated. You started your podcast for a reason--let's anchor back into that! This course will help you get your podcasting groove back.

Think of your podcast like a tree. First, we'll focus on growing the roots of your show so you can produce better content that consistently serves (and keeps people coming back for more). Then, we'll turn to learning what marketing and collaboration tactics can help grow the limbs of your podcast to reach a grander audience.

The sky is the limit! We can help you get there.

I'm ready to feel confident!

What are the Lesson Modules?

Below are each of the 8 lesson modules, divided into 2 essential themes (+ one bonus module that introduces you to monetization). Each lesson will have its own THREE actionable takeaways (sound familiar?) so you can implement your learning, right away:

Introduction: What does it mean to "grow" your podcast 


Part I: Grow Your ROOTS, by serving your listener

1. Get to Know Your Listener

2. Serve Your Listener by Improving Your Episodes

3. Serve Your Listeners by Offering a Transformation


PART 2: Grow Your REACH; Find more listeners to serve through marketing and collaborations

4. Pour Into One Social Media Channel (to collaborate with your listeners)

5. Impress Your Guests

6. Reach out to be a guest on other people’s shows

7. Collaborate with "Influencers"


Bonus module: introduction to monetization

What will you learn?

With Podcasting 201, you'll learn how to deepen your show's valuable content, successfully market it to a broader audience, and grow it via purposeful collaborations.

Rachel and Monica both grew their shows from nothing to now surpassing a collective 2 million downloads. If they can do this, so can you. Let's help you get the boost you need so your show can grow to the next level.

You are allowed to take your dream seriously!

Stop wondering if you and your show are "worth" all the time, fuss, and money. The best thing we did for ourselves was invest in our own dreams long before we ever knew how it would all pan out. We want that for YOU!


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