Podcasting 201

A step-by-step course to help busy moms grow their podcasts

I'm ready to learn how!

You have a podcast that you love, but you’re discouraged that it’s not reaching more people.

You don’t have a thousand dollars to spend on marketing.

You don’t have a thousand hours to spend promoting your show via social media or reading books about growth-strategy.

But you still feel a deep pull to get the word out about your show and find the people who need it!

If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place.

Who is the teacher?

Hi! I’m Rachel Nielson, mom of two miracle babies and host of the 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms podcast. I would love to teach you how to grow your podcast in both reach and impact.
When I started my show three years ago, I honestly didn’t know if anyone would listen. I was a stay-at-home mom with no business background or social media following, but I felt an undeniable tug in my heart to help women feel more at home in their motherhood.
My first month of podcasting my show got 300 downloads.
Now, my show gets 150,000 downloads per month.
It still shocks, delights, and humbles me to know that moms all over the world are listening to my voice each week.
But what matters to me even more than download numbers are the emails and messages I receive every week from individual mothers who tell me that my podcast has changed everything for them in their journey as a mother. I mean, what an honor!
YOUR podcast is making this kind of difference to individuals too, and I want to teach you the strategies that I’ve used to reach more people – because I know that there are individuals all over the world who need your voice.
You’ve already done the hard work of getting your show started. I would be honored to help you take it to the next level.

How does the course work?

I designed this course with another very experienced podcaster, Monica Packer from the show About Progress.
We have grown our successful podcasts from the ground up, without spending any money on marketing.
As we thought about how we did this, we considered how trees grow in nature – they have to grow their root-system in order to support their branch-system.
This is true for podcasts too! So this course is set up with two parts: First, grow your ROOTS, then grow your REACH.

Part 1: Grow your Roots

Intro: Why It's Risky to Obsess Over Download Stats + What to Focus on Instead

Lesson 1: How to Deeply Know Your Listener

Lesson 2: How to Dramatically Improve Each of your Episodes

Lesson 3: How to Offer Your Listeners a Transformation


Part 2: Grow your Reach

Lesson 4: How to Grow your Show by Pouring into ONE Social Media Channel

Lesson 5: How to Grow your Show by Creating a Great Experience for your Guests

Lesson 6: How to Create a Standout Pitch to Guest on Other Shows

Lesson 7: How to Authentically Collaborate with Influencers

Lesson 8: Intro to Monetization!

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If these lessons sound too simple, don’t be deceived.
These are the steps that I took to steadily grow my show to be ranked #2 under the Kids & Family category in iTunes (January '19), with over 1,900 ratings and reviews today.
Wherever you are on your podcasting journey, I know I can help you deepen your roots and broaden your reach, and I would be truly honored to be your guide.

But what if I don't have very much time??

You’re a busy mom. Believe me, we get it – we are right there with you! That’s why we designed this course to be as absolutely time-efficient as possible, for every type of learner:


Each video lesson is 30 minutes or less with 3 actionable takeaways


Each lesson is also available via a private podcast feed, so you can listen on-to-go!


Full transcripts are included if you prefer speed-reading.


Brief homework helps you immediately apply what you learn after each lesson.


Samples of my own processes are included, so can just personalize & use.

Speed Up

Tutorials are included for how to watch at 1.5x or 2x speed.

It won't take you longer than one hour total per week to see massive results in your podcast's growth!

BONUS: Access to a Community of Podcasters!

Your Podcast U course comes with life-time access to our active & supportive private Facebook Community.


Having friends who are also podcasters has been invaluable to us as we've grown our shows. (See some of our favorites pictured here!)

In the Podcast U Facebook group, you can...

  • ask questions and brainstorm together
  • vent when you’re discouraged
  • troubleshoot technology
  • set up opportunities to guest on each other’s shows
  • reach out to form small masterminds with your podcasting friends

                  ... and so much more!


Collaboration like this will be a game-changer as you work to grow your show!
Okay, you had me at "podcaster friends." Sign me up.

LIMITED TIME BONUS: "How to Monetize a Podcast" Group Coaching Series FREE ($497 value)

Feel like you may have missed some of the foundational aspects of building a podcast when you were starting out, such as getting clear on your why or honing your interviewing skills and episode processes?
Join Podcast U with the BUNDLE package! This gives you both Podcasting 101 and Podcasting 201 with a $100 discount!
And if you join by October 5, 2020,  you will receive complimentary access to a four-part Live coaching series with Rachel and Monica via Zoom. They will teach you everything they've learned about monetizing a podcast from their combined 7 years of podcasting experience.

This coaching series will never be offered free again, so don't wait!

Discouragement, overwhelm, and jealousy are no fun.

If you've felt any of those emotions as you've tried to grow your show, you're not alone. EVERYONE feels this way sometimes. But with this course, you will be empowered with growth strategies that you can start implementing right away. Replace your feelings of discouragement with momentum, excitement, and purpose.

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"My podcast is growing every week by applying the principles taught in this course. My two favorite parts of the class are 1) the modules are short and power-packed with relevant information, and 2) the actions that they ask us to take after each module are USEFUL and without fluff. An added bonus is that Rachel and Monica are so relatable that I feel like I have two new friends in my corner. This course is well worth the investment! "

Sara Payne
host of The Doctor's Wife Podcast

"Before Podcast U, I knew our podcast could be better and have a bigger reach, but I felt totally frustrated with how to make that happen. Why were we getting great feedback personally yet no one was sharing our episodes with others? How could we pick topics that our audience would really care about? How could we use social media to grow? Podcast U answered all my questions and gave me the support I needed to move forward. The quality of our episodes has improved. I feel confident that I know who our audience is and what they want. We are using social media to connect with our community. Instead of spending my time questioning my every move, I’m having fun again!"

Lauren Skinner
host of Happy Town Porchcast

"Podcast U has allowed me to use my voice in a way that I’ve always wanted but never been able to. Rachel and Monica have created such an invaluable space. It is so nice to connect with people who are on the journey with you and mentors who are further along the path lighting the way for you."

Jasmine Bradshaw
host of First Name Basis

Are you ready?

My friend, you’re amazing, truly. You started a podcast, and that is no small feat! We applaud you for your dedication to a message that clearly matters deeply to you.
Now is the time for you to amplify that message and get it to more people who desperately need it.
If you’re worried that you’re too busy for this course, or if you’re hesitant to invest in yourself and your dream, please think about that individual listener who needs your message.
We are going to get your podcast to her!
Let’s do it together.

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