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Podcasting 101

Your step-by-step guide to getting your podcast launched, from start to finish!

I want in!

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Stuck on the HOW?

Starting a podcast can be a super confusing process! Podcasting 101 teaches you everything you need to know, from conceptualizing your show to actually launching it.  

Complete each lesson in order, and by the end you'll have a podcast!

Learn: how to refine your niche and purpose; good practices for pitching guests and interviewing; what software, hardware, and programs you need; how to produce and distribute your show; steps to launch; marketing, branding, and more.

You deserve support!

This is not just an abstract course.  It's filled with doable ways for you to ACT and follow through so you can not just learn how to start your podcast, but create one that lasts.

I will take you step by step through starting your podcast + you get forever-access to a private FB group of fellow podcasters where you can seek help and collaborate.  AND for three months, you can personally coached by me and Rachel via our twice-monthly "office hours." That's a $450 value INCLUDED with this course! 

Why I am qualified:

First, I am a professionally trained educator (I taught middle school and high school English/History) AND I trained other beginning teachers for four years across the East Bay Area.  I know what good teaching is and how to distill BIG ideas into actionable lessons.

Additionally, not only do I have years of my own experience behind me (including hundreds of mistakes I can help you avoid), but I have consulted beginning podcasters for years.  I KNOW what you need to get started--in the right order--and I will deliver.

What this course includes:

* Invaluable time SAVED, know-how delivered, and a solid foundation to launch a podcast that will last and make an impact

* TEN lessons that take you step-by-step to building your podcast, from the ground up

* Options to watch, listen, or read the lessons (we diversify to match your learning style!)

* Homework: handouts, checklists, worksheets for every single lesson that makes these concepts come to life.

* Lifetime access to the private Podcast U. Facebook group, where you can ask questions, network, and collaborate with fellow podcasters.

* 3 months of twice-monthly "Office Hours." These are coaching calls where you can ask allllll your questions and be heard, get help, and learn from fellow beginning podcasters. Monica and Rachel will trade off leading them. Office Hours are valued at $450, but they're included for free as part of your course.

* TWO talented, successful podcasters for the price of one. While Monica is the primary instructor for this course, Rachel heavily reviewed it all and added invaluable insight and direction. She also trades off in leading the office hours.


It's OK to feel confused!

Learning about podcasting is like learning a new language while living in a new country. There are so many elements! So many steps. Where do you start? Which order to you go?

My 10 lessons take you step-by-step. Complete them from the beginning on down, and guess what?  By the end you'll have a launched podcast.

You WILL know what you're doing after completing this course--our goal is to take you from feeling confused, to CONFIDENT. 

I'm ready to clear my confusion!

What are the Lesson Modules?

Below are each of the 10 lesson module titles and what will be explored in each.

  1. Know Your Purpose: WHYs and audience niche/transformation
  2. Plan the Basics: title, show format, tagline, etc.
  3. Design Your Logo and Cover Art
  4. Gather Your Tools: Hardware and Software for Recording and Editing
  5. Set Up Your Podcast Host and Website
  6. Start Recording!
  7. Submit Your Intro. Episode and How
  8. Interview Guests: pitching, scheduling, interviewing
  9. Prepare to Launch
  10. Where to Go From Here 

Stop Procastinating!

You could think about this for a few more months (or years!), or you can make your ideas come to life. We want you to join us in this fabulous world of podcasting--the more the merrier!


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