BUNDLE: Get both courses with a $100 discount!

Do you already know you want to take this podcasting dream seriously? Good. We do, too.

We are so serious, in fact, that we're going to give you both as a bundle with a $100 discount.

Starting and growing your podcast takes a lot of surprising skills, from editing shows and pitching guests, to marketing and even sales (seriously!).


Let's save you time (and money!), by teaching you everything you need to know to starting AND growing your own show.

Don't know what you're doing?

You will.

I want to enroll with ONE easy payment! I want to enroll with 3 smaller payments!

Stuck on the HOW?

Each course is a step-by-step guide to  starting and growing your podcast so you can go from "meh" to spectacular.

Complete each of the courses' carefully taught lessons in order and guess what? By the end you'll have succeeded in starting your show with a solid foundation AND getting it to serve a greater audience, right away. 

Podcasting 101 takes you from conceptualizing to launching your show.  Podcasting 201 helps you attract more listeners by better serving them and reaching them with improved marketing, and beyond.   

This is the full package.  Let's take you from feeling confused to confident!

What if I need extra help?

Not only does each lesson include helpful handouts, "homework," checklists, and more, but you can listen, watch, or read every single lesson. PLUS, both courses get you a LIFETIME membership to a private Facebook Group where you can collaborate, network with, and learn from fellow podcasters.

Best of all (and what we think makes Podcast U.'s value really stand apart), our course come with 3 months of twice-monthly "office hours" EACH. So you get 6 months, with this bundle. 

This is where Monica and Rachel will coach you on starting and growing your show, so you can ask allllll your questions and get in-depth, individually tailored answers. This feature alone is worth $900. Yes, that's included in the price of your course. Think of it as a little scholarship.


TWO for the price of ONE

With Podcast. U., both Monica and Rachel are your instructors. These professionally trained educators (both are former English teachers!) started their own shows with NO social media backings, business, or marketing skills. And yet  their shows are approaching 2 million downloads, combined. If they can do this, you can, too.  They don't hold anything back.  

Monica is the primary instructor for Podcasting 101 and Rachel for our Podcasting 201, but BOTH worked on each course and BOTH will trade off as your tutors during office hours (and the upcoming Podcast U. Mastermind).

You are getting TWO for the price of one!

"Even though I was over a year in to hosting my own podcast, I reached out to Monica for some guidance and direction in moving forward with another project as well as fine tuning some questions I had on my existing podcast. I was so very grateful for her experience and wisdom that she so generously shared in answering my questions! She has gone out of her way since then to follow up and make sure I have had the support I needed. Thank you Monica for what you do!"

Krista Horton
host of Small Seed Radio

"I'd wanted to start podcast for over a year, but the entire process intimidated me. I didn't know where to begin or where to do once I did find a place to start. And then I found Podcast U. Monica and Rachel created a clear, one-step-at-a-time path for me to get from where I was (full of ideas and passion with no plan) to where I wanted to be (my podcast set up and launched) within just a couple of months! Plus, they offered both logistical and emotional support throughout the process. Podcast U is the reason I was able to launch as quickly and easily as I did. I'm so grateful! "

Rachel Bailey
host of Your Parenting Long Game

"After trying to set my podcast up for over a year, Monica helped me actually make it happen. She supported me through all the little things I couldn't ever figure out on my own, and she was there to patiently encourage me to keep going through the hard stuff until it was finished. I'm convinced my podcast wouldn't be up and going without her help."

Wendy Bertagnole
host of Exceptional Parenting Podcast

"I had a goal to start a podcast, and I knew having Rachel and Monica's knowledge, support and accountability would get me there. It's obvious they designed everything with intention. I love that the lessons were easy to watch on my own schedule, and then if I had any further questions I had the facebook group and office hours to get the answers I needed. Because of Rachel and Monica's support, I am able to get my message out to baby-loss moms who need what I have to share. I can't recommend Podcast U enough. You will not regret this experience. It's totally worth it. "

Amy Watson
host of Smooth Stones

"Monica was such a supportive resource to me before and after starting my podcast. She guided me through the ins and outs of all of the things I needed to know to get my podcast up and running. She was kind, thoughtful and so encouraging. I absolutely recommend working with her if you are wanting to start podcasting."

Lisa Andrews
host of This Travel Tribe

"I was looking for someone to put all the pieces of podcasting together for me and not just the technical aspects. I was unsure and not confident to move forward. Being able to work with Monica was great because she was able to answer specific questions and help me know what to work on first. I realized I was focusing on the wrong things first and I was able to quickly switch that and get the foundations down first so my podcast is running smoothly every week and I am growing from there without burnout! "

Brandi Sorenson
host of The Sister to Sister Podcast

"I can't say enough good about hiring Monica as my podcast consult. Amazing. There is zero doubt in my mind that I would have never, and I mean NEVER made my podcast without her help."

Sarah Christensen
host of Why So Serious with Sarah

"Monica is an exceptional mentor for new podcasters. She is detailed, to the point, and doesn't hold back any of her secrets to success! I know she saved me hours and hours of research and trial and error work. I couldn't recommend her more!"

Amber Smith
host of Hey, It's Amber

Did we mention signing up now gets you $900 value in small-group coaching, free?

Our unique Office Hours (it's a "study group" on steroids, with us as your teachers!) aren't replicated by other courses out there. Get personalized help from two established podcasters!


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